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Neil Schomaker

I am a Québec City tour guide. I show off the history, the architecture, and the one-of-a-kind culture of this beautiful city to tourists and locals alike. Walking around Old Québec with curious visitors is one of the best jobs on the planet, one that puts to good use my master’s degree in Early Modern French history. I get to share my passion for Québec City’s colorful past and my admiration for the vibrant twenty-first-century capital it has become. 

I also teach others the knowledge and arts necessary to be a tour guide. To guide in Québec City, a year of coursework is required. I teach at Collège Mérici, turning lovers of Québec City into licensed experts on it. It is a responsibility I take very seriously. Quebecers are proud of their city – with good reason – and the fact that I am trusted to train its first-line ambassadors honors me greatly.

Québec City is actually my adopted hometown. I was born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota. A life-long francophile, I consider myself lucky to have ended up in this most spectacular of French-speaking cities. Contact me to let me know when you’ll be in town! I would love to show you around this city that I love with all my heart.

Sights to See

Plains of Abraham

The Plains of Abraham are the site of the pivotal battle between the French and the English in 1759. Today, they are a vast public park in the heart of the city. Jogging and cross-country skiing, picnicking and concerts are on the agenda for visitors here.

Old Québec

413 years old and counting, Old Québec is unique in all of North America. Winding cobblestone streets and vintage architecture charm all who visit here. Whether you are people watching over a glass of wine in the Upper Town or having a café au lait in Place Royale in the Lower Town, you are as close to Europe as you can get to without crossing the Atlantic!

Parliamentary Hill

The Parliament Building stands proudly just to the west of the city walls, reminding us that Québec City is the capital of the province. Its spectacular architecture and that of the buildings that surround it make for a picturesque stroll for tourists and locals alike. The Tourny Fountain completes the scene and features in the postcard snapshots of this exquisite neighborhood.

Old Port

In the 19th century, port authorities built the Louise Basin, a tideless harbor to facilitate the loading and unloading of small commercial vessels. Today, the Louise Basin is a place for visitors to walk casually by the water and watch the sailboats and pleasure craft as they bob gently in the breeze.

Grande Allée

It would be impossible to pack more fun into the short stretch of boulevard known as the Grande Allée. Restaurants, bars, nightclubs and cafés line both sides of the street. A panoply of options for enjoying an evening out!


Québec City has by far the best-preserved ensemble of city fortifications north of Mexico. Walk the 4.6 kilometers of city wall that surround the Upper Town.

Montmorency Falls

Just 15 minutes from the Old City, Montmorency Falls is higher than Niagara Falls and every bit as beautiful! Climb to the top via the 487 steps of the panoramic staircase or ride in style in the cable car. Either way, the view from the top is extraordinary!

Beaupré Coast

The Beaupré Coast is the stretch of coastline between Montmorency Falls and St. Anne’s Basilica. Running its length is the scenic Avenue Royale, which takes tourists by villages and farmsteads where locals have been living off the land since the 17th century. Along the way, stop at a bakery or an art gallery, or take a moment to just soak in the history.

Orleans Island

One of the first places farmed by the French settlers of the 17th century, Orleans Island has retained its rural, old-world feel. A trip to Orleans Island today is all about food! There are vineyards, cider houses, sugar shacks, a cheesemaker…the list goes on!


Custom guided tours of Québec City and the Québec City region

Whether you are looking for a walking tour of the Old City or an extended tour to Orleans Island or the surrounding countryside, I would be honored to be your guide. In English or en français! Rates start at 180$ (plus tax) for a 2-hour walking tour of Old Québec.

Need more than one guide? I have a network of excellent tour guides who love Québec City as much as I do. I’ll be happy to provide the perfect guides for your group!

Contact for rates and availability

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