Luc Villeneuve has perspective. 360 degrees of it, in fact.

Luc is a photographer who specializes in all sorts of full-sphere, interactive images. Interiors, exteriors – he documents anything that strikes his fancy, as long as it has a detailed story to tell.

He thinks of his art as “painting with light,” a metaphor you’ll understand if you consider the process involved. Luc installs his Nikon on a robotic mount that swivels on two axes. Once he determines the ideal height of the camera, he programs it to take 68 separate photographs, covering all angles of the surrounding sphere. In fact, for each of the 68 positions, he takes nine different shots at nine different shutter speeds to accommodate varying light conditions. Back in front of his computer screen, Luc stitches his mosaic together, choosing the exposure lengths that best show off the details of his subject.

The day I accompanied him, his subject was Chalmers-Wesley United Church at 78 Ste-Ursule Street. Built in the 1850s, this church is slightly off the beaten path…but it shouldn’t be. Its tall gothic spire stands out in the skyline of Old Québec, and its sparse but elegant interior reminds us of a time when Sunday worship was an integral part of Protestant life Quebec City. Sexton Matthew Bircher met us there early on a frigid January day so that Luc could take his pictures when the morning sun was directly behind the southeast-facing stained glass windows.

Go look at the finished product at 360-image.com. Look especially at the stained glass on the southeast façade. See how Luc’s camera has painted its details with the light of a Quebec sunrise.

9 thoughts on “360°”

  1. Merci Neil pour cette belle visite! Wow! Grâce à toi, je suis très heureux d’entrer et de visiter cette belle église. Crois-le ou non, je n’ai jamais mis les pieds dans ce temple. (Pas fort pour un guide!)Au plaisir

    1. Karen and Rodney Rich

      Greetings from Springville, New York. Luc Villeneuve is a talented artist. The metaphor “painting with light” is a perfect fit. The Chalmers Wesley Church is beautiful. The artist and church are very impressive. Thanks for picture.

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