Food Tour

My favorite way to see a city is to eat my way through it. In restaurants, grocery stores, bars, and boutiques they sell the food that defines a place. You can learn from this food where a city has been and where a city is going. This is certainly true in Quebec City where we have an ensemble of great eateries that tell our story.

But how to fit them all in? There are dozens and dozens of food vendors within the historic district of Old Quebec and who knows how many hundreds throughout the city.

An excellent option is to take one of the Food Tours offered by Tours Voir Québec. The morning tour takes you to several of the best restaurants in the Lower Town and ends with tastings in the Old Port Market. The afternoon tour shows off the gamut of culinary options on the Upper Town’s St. John Street, ending in the charming St. Jean-Baptiste neighborhood. In either case, you will come away well fed and better informed on where to make a reservation for dinner.

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