Maine and the other things we miss

There’s nothing like a pandemic to remind us of all the things we take for granted in normal times.

For me, one of those things is Maine. I miss Maine. Maine is a mere 1 hour and 48 minutes from the Château Frontenac. But today, it might as well be the moon, worlds away and unreachable.

Québecers go to Maine often. They go to Sugarloaf in the wintertime for cold days on the slopes and cozy evenings in the chalet. They go to Old Orchard in the summertime, for (slightly) warmer water and a weekend on the beach. Maine is lobster rolls and blueberry pie. It is a small-town general store at the village crossroads. It is a walk on the dock at Frenchmen Bay in the misty gloaming of a late October evening.

I miss Maine. I miss my sister, who lives in Maine.

What do you miss?

(Photo Credit: Paula Schomaker)

27 thoughts on “Maine and the other things we miss”

  1. Neil, your post brings up a rush of childhood memories. Old Orchard was about fun fun fun! Surfing on a Styrofoam surfboard, going to the mini-putt, renting 2 seater sightseeing bikes, eating pizza and too many chocolate bars. I remember buying Superhero magazines and forging my sens of humour by reading Mad magazine. We would always stay at the Ocean House Motel and, during evenings, go the Palace Playland amusement park and walk on the pier.

    I fondly remember the lighthouse at night. A guiding light next to the dark horizon and, during storms, pointing the way towards land. We might be far from the shore right now, but « Ça va bien aller ». I can still here the foghorn.

  2. I miss the long walk on the beach of Old Orchard, a lobster roll at the shack by the quay of Pine Point .
    Looking forward to go back in a near future

  3. Ogunquit is one of our favourite destinations.

    For almost 30 years, our 4 or 5 days at the sea have been part of our summer happiness. Good restaurants like Five-O, Caffe Prego, not to mention lunches at Le Amore hosted by the ever smiling Leanne Cusimano, original shops like Abacus, walks in Perkins’s cove and on the Marginal Way, sunsets at Nubble Lighthouse. Sigh… We miss Maine too. Here is a link to the Marginal Way Therapy.

  4. As an American, I miss being able to visit Canada. We all have to learn to live with virus and get our lives back soon so we can travel to all our favorite places with friends and family!

  5. Bonjour Neil,
    I miss Ogunquit. Walking in Perkins’s Cove. Buy something at Christmas Cove.
    Beach, sun, waves…
    The Colonial Inn

  6. Moi, j’ai regardé la série Emily à Paris, et ça m’a fait penser qu’on a fait un beau voyage à Chicago Et que ce serait bien agréable d’y retourner, et qu’on s’ennuie de Parie aussi!
    Vous n’avez rien à faire un soir ou deux, ça vaut la peine de regarder Emily à Paris!

  7. Enjoyed reading this..we Americans act like we are the only ones who miss things. I never thought of Canadians missing the U.S.

  8. I miss my two children and their loved ones. I live in Minnesota; my son, Neil, lives in Quebec and my daughter, Paula, lives in Maine. When this pandemic, mercifully ends, I hope to never take my friends, family or freedoms for granted.
    Love your post, Neil. Beautiful photograph, Paula.

  9. Continue to keep us posted for it is one of the few highlights of my reading. Seems like all we have dealt with is HURRICANES. Thank you so much. Jane B.

  10. We often combined a trip to Québec with a trip to Maine. Or the other way around. We can still travel to Maine but, have not because of COVID-19. But, no Québec. And they would come back to Minnesota from time to time. Especially Christmas. The whole thing sucks.

    1. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Schomaker,

      You’re lost has been our gain. You should be commended for sharing your son with Quebec City as he’s promoted it astutely and affectionately. Best regards. 🙂

  11. I just love Maine, Ogunquit and Kennebunkport and each year I make a stop at Old Orchard Beach at Bill Pizza, it was the first pizza I ate, only cheese and tomato. Since 1965, it is part of our summer routine, but unfortunately not this year. Hope to be able to return next year.

  12. James @ Cardross

    Another evocative note from Quebec ~ thank you. Living several thousand miles away (in Scotland) I don’t know many of the places mentioned but my biggest MISS is not seeing my grandchildren who are now 6 and 3 as they live 400 miles away in locked-down England.

    I do hope that I’m not being overly political here when I say that my greatest hope for today is that the Covid-denying buffoon called Trump is sent back where he can do no more harm to the world. Did you know that in the north-west of England a “trump” is a local word for – erm, how shall I put it – escape of gas from the back passage? How apt!!

    1. James @ Cardross

      Yes, it’s a reply to myself but I just want to say what a huge sigh of relief there is from everyone here that the truly appalling Trump is being put back in his box. The fact that he can’t concede gracefully shows him for what he is – A LOSER.

  13. I miss traveling, especially cruising, to Canada which always included Maine and Quebec. Started visiting both as a child with my family on annual road trips. My Dad was from Fort Kent, ME and we would incorporate Quebec City, Montreal, Trois Rivier, Cap-de-Madeline and Ste. Anne de Beaupre..Now as a retired educator, I cruise from Boston to Montreal and Quebec City almost annually. Looking forward to going again!

  14. Dorothy Schomaker

    Yes, we too are missing our Quebec family and our Maine family but we are still hoping that in then the next year or two to make that trip to see all of you. We are both doing well and thankful that our family is too. However it certainly is becoming a lot to handle for all of us. We would love to visit our Ohio family too.

  15. Beau texte Neil sur le Maine ! Oui moi aussi le Maine me manque….J’avais l’habitude aussi d’y aller à chaque année…Ah le bon air salin ! Au plaisir de te revoir !

  16. we were just remembering our visit to Quebec the other day! And Maine! But right now I miss my daughter and mom, sisters and friends in Central NY. Last year I missed birthdays, holidays and seasons. Glad for happy memories! And I still regret not buying that giant stuffed lamb toy in the hotel gift shop!

  17. Neil,
    What a great idea : Maine, our neighbourg! I love Maine, in summer and autumn.
    We like the Colby and Bowdoin College Campus for their architecture and surprising museum. I appreciate the contact with the “Mainer” : real and simple. Also, I like to see a french-canadian name on the commercial building.

  18. Hello Neil,

    I don’t really know Maine even if it is close to Quebec City; maybe another year… who knows? But I think the present COVID crisis gave us the opportunity to realize that beyond traveling all around the world, family and friends are by far the most important things in our lives.

    Thanks again for your post DL

  19. Bonjour Neil,

    Here in Philadelphia we are in a semi lockdown. Our retirement home does not want to let us leave but we can if we want to take the chance. We have our first two cases of the virus now. They are saying this lockdown will last until mid January. Do not care what they do if they can keep us safe. Sure miss seeing beautiful Quebec in the fall.Will be thinking of you and stay well.

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