Blind love

In the last few days, those of us who work in the tourism industry in Québec have seen our social media dominated by the latest promotional video from the provincial tourism office. Always looking for new ways to show off la Belle Province, they have created a video that looks at the subject from a different point of view: from the eyes of someone who cannot see it at all.

Danny Kean, a New York City musician, blind since birth, crossed the province of Québec with a local guide and a camera following behind. The end result is 3-½ minutes of footage that focuses on the non-ocular senses. The video is visually spectacular, of course, but its images evoke the smells, the sounds, the tastes, and the textures of this beautiful part of the world.

We see Danny soaking in the melody of a classical music concert in Montréal, and we smell the thin clear air as he floats over the Richelieu Valley in a hot air balloon. We are with him as he passes through Québec City as well, and we feel the cobblestones underfoot as he strolls the narrow streets of the lower town.

Experience Québec through Danny’s eyes:


(Photo Credit: Québec Original)

19 thoughts on “Blind love”

    1. Before my retirement, I was a teacher of blind children. Also, I taught orientation and mobility, and cane travel skills, to blind adults, so this film had special meaning for me. It was very uplifting for me to see this young man having such a wonderful travel experience, and feast for the senses, in Canada. I’m happy to learn that such important work is being done. That is a truly beautiful film. Thank you, Neil. Please keep your Québec reports coming.


  1. Many things have been tried to increase awareness about the beauties of Québec (the province and the city) but this is outstanding and creates what often lacked in the past years attempts: bring up emotions in the watcher’s mind. « The eyes of the heart»,that’s what it is.
    Thank you Neil for sharing this and for beeing so relevant… every time!

  2. Since I live in Ontario, your emails are a lovely way to keep in touch with the province of Quebec. Thank you.

  3. Francine Poulin

    Très bon vidéo, j’étais sceptique lorsque j’ai vu la publicité à la télé, mais en regardant le vidéo, c’est une bonne idée de faire vivre la beauté de Québec par les émotions, c’est breathtaking. Merci de partager, Neil.

  4. Thank you so much for making this fantastic video available for us to see. It bring back the wonderful memories of our trip to Quebec, the friendships we were able to experience and the beautiful Quebec sites we were fortunate to enjoy.

    Jim Donovan

  5. AWESOME! What a treasure that someone cares enough to make the travel so meaningful not only for the blind but for all of us to smell, taste, feel the wind and water and see the beautiful sights.

  6. Colette Parayre

    Formidable, original et touchant….but imagine if he could have heard our history from the soft voice of a professional guide in Quebec citu and Montreal !!! Thanks Neil !

  7. Very powerful and moving! Brought serious tears to my eyes!! What a beautiful province – we are soooo fortunate!!!

  8. Thank you for sharing.
    A very evocative and beautiful way to see, hear and sense Quebec. Kudos to all who thought of and produced it. Well done.

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