Cruising to Québec

The first cruise ship of the season was parked in the port of Québec this weekend. Having left Fort Lauderdale on the first of May, the MS Veendam arrived in town early on the morning of Saturday the 10th. After taking on new passengers, it left for Boston on Sunday afternoon, a few minutes before high tide.

Longer than two football fields, with a passenger capacity of 1350 people, the Veendam is one of the smaller ships that will come to Quebec City this year. The largest will be the Queen Mary II, which will bring close to 3000 passengers to the Old Capital, once in September and once again in October. In all, over 160,000 tourists will come to Quebec City by boat.

Cruise ships and Québec are a good fit. Much of this city was designed with the river in mind, as architects and engineers made a point of turning their best façades toward the waterway. More importantly, though, the cruise ships that dock at Québec are moored just feet from the historic heart of the city. In other ports, passengers disembark far from the attractions they’ve come to see. Here on the shores of the St. Lawrence River, cruise ship staterooms provide a front row view of the most beautiful city in North America.

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  1. Beneath the warm veneer of your fine writing always lies good research. Je dirais même plus, a new Internet reference has emerged.

  2. Nathalie LUNA

    Bonne saison a toi et a ta nouvelle petite famille de guides!!!!!
    Sais-tu quel est l’organisme qui gère le réceptif des bateaux de croisière a québec puisqu’INTERCRUISES a perdu le contrat?

    Merci par avance.

    Bises, Nath

  3. Je pense souvent à vous tous, et en particulier en fin de semaine lorsque j’ai vu le premier paquebot accosté au port.
    Bonne saison à tous les nouveaux guides et à toi Neil.

  4. richard couturier

    Always interesting to read your posts. I’ll use some of this one with my groups. Thanks!

  5. alors bonne saison a vous tous en esperant qu on aura une belle temperature dans notre si belle ville de la nouvelle France. Merci

  6. C’est un honneur de te compter dans notre équipe de la Commission de la Capitale nationale de Québec. Vraiment!

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