Elvis de Québec

Elvis de Québec

Have you seen Elvis? No, not that Elvis, our Elvis. Québec’s Elvis.

His name is David Thibault and he does Elvis Presley like no one else. Not only does he have a voice exactly like the King, he looks like him too!

Elvis – I mean, David – was “discovered” just over a month ago now when he sang in the studios of CKOI, a Québec City radio station. When CKOI put a video of his performance on YouTube, David’s phone started ringing off the hook. Offers came in from all over, including one to record his rendition of Presley’s Blue Christmas. The song, recorded by Universal Music Canada, was available on iTunes a scant 10 days after walking into the radio studio.

Most impressive though has been his confidence and aplomb in the face of his newfound success. Watch how he handled the attentions of Ellen Degeneres who was obviously impressed by this teenager from Saint-Raymond de Portneuf.


His most recent success was a trip to Graceland to celebrate what would have been Elvis Presley’s 79th birthday. There, he sang Happy Birthday alongside Today Show correspondent, Jenna Bush.

Bravo, David! Bravo!

(Image Credit: Universal Music Canada)


5 thoughts on “Elvis de Québec”

  1. Hello Neil,

    And, only at sixteen, he “seems” to have the maturity to live all the pressure he’ll meet during next months….

    Denis Laberge

  2. Roland Bouchard

    Just like the way you say our Elvis, Québec’s Elvis (sic). That’s sweet you know. I understand you and your family have become important contributors to the development of our new society. Québec needs you so keep going.

    Roland Bouchard

  3. I don’t know if you are aware but I once read that Martin Fontaine from Quebec City and who performs as Elvis world-wide is the only Elvis impersonator who is sanctioned by Elvis’s estate. Way to go Quebec!

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