Go Helico…go!

I recently had the opportunity to see the Vieille Capitale from the privileged position of an EC 120 Colibri helicopter hovering 4500 feet over the cobbled streets. And what a rush!!!

As the rotors of the helicopter churned to life at Québec City’s Jean Lesage airport, my traveling companions and I were already brimming with excitement. The powerful vibration of the helicopter served to heighten our anticipation of the adventure to come. Anthony, our pilot, then lifted our Eurocopter gently off the tarmac and took us on the ride of our lives.

We headed first for the river, soaring over the 100-year-old Québec Bridge. We veered left there, descending the St. Lawrence. The Plains of Abraham unfolded beneath us, as did the modern upper town of Québec. The city looks so different from the sky!

We banked left some more, following the contour of Cape Diamond: the Citadelle, the Dufferin Terrace, the Chateau Frontenac, the seminary complex. Wow! We made a U-turn over Beauport Bay and made another pass by the old city. That time, the cruise ships caught my eye; how small they appear from far above!



We headed northeast, looping around the misty Montmorency Falls. We then crossed the north channel of the St. Lawrence to land on Orleans Island for the next leg of our tour. Anthony set us down equally gracefully. We didn’t want to leave the helicopter.

I was speechless throughout our trip (not a particularly felicitous thing for a tour guide). I think my customers forgave me, though, as they, as well, were without words.

Our flight was operated by Go Helico which is located right next to Jean Lesage Airport. I cannot recommend the experience more highly! Go!

5 thoughts on “Go Helico…go!”

  1. You are lucky man and your opportunity is one of my dreams ! I realise sommeting like when I went parachuting but it was too short!

    I would like to take a drive with my brother cause he is a pilot of hélico. He drives many

    hours to pass his certificate. ( in Alberta )

    I hope you will back with many pictures over the city ( like shootings camera during the crash ice on t.v.)

    Please ,excuse- me for my elementairy vocabulary but it´s too exciting!!!

  2. Millicent Broderick

    Thank you for the descriptive commentary of an exciting trip. I will,have to live it through your eyes as I am way too cowardly a custard to fly in a helicopter. 😮 )

  3. Many thanks for sharing the unique way to view the beautiful city of Quebec. We have never flown in a helicopter before. The arial view of both nature and buildings was achieved and appreciated. You have given us a new idea for a future trip to Quebec City. Thanks. Karen and Rodney Rich

  4. Bourqui Dominique

    So you did it ! You lucky spectator, nice reportage Mister Québec & MOI, ‹‹‹Go Hélico – tant d’émois ››

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