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29 Months

November 1st, 2019: The last time tourists stepped off a cruise ship to visit the cobbled, historic streets of the Vieille Capitale. Fast-forward 29 months. Fast-forward through the appearance of a new and unpredictable virus, and its many variants. Through months of social distancing and confinement. Through the fits and starts of repeated attempts to […]

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Feuilles rouges

When the leaves are at their peak in the first days of October, Québec City tour guides head toward the water. There, parked along the wharves of the Lower Town, are the cruise ships that converge on the St. Lawrence River Valley to give their clients a front-row seat for the autumn show. Boatloads of

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Bye bye, 2017!

The numbers for 2017 are coming in and we are discovering that it has been a banner year for Québec City. Tourists came by the hundreds of thousands to see the la Vieille Capitale. In fact, they came in record numbers, surpassing even 2008 – the 400th anniversary of the founding of the city and the

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Un beau groupe

I have only done it for a short time now, but it has quickly become one of my great joys. I train tour guides for the city of Québec. It is a delightful job, because my students come to the first day of class already convinced that Québec City is the most beautiful city in

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