Québec and moi:

Confessions of a Québec City tour guide


Tournebroche is a new restaurant on St. John’s Street that has captured a lot of…

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Gorham’s Post

On September 10, 1759, General James Wolfe summoned a group of his subalterns to a…

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Bacchus I

Here in Québec, autumn is in full swing. Fall colors are at their peak, snow…

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Go Helico…go!

I recently had the opportunity to see the Vieille Capitale from the privileged position of…

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A city of light

Walk through Québec’s old city early on a summer’s evening when the sun is nearing…

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For Québec City residents, the funny looking word “Limoilou” refers to the vibrant, unpretentious neighborhood…

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A publication no less ponderous than the Wall Street Journal has weighed in on poutine,…

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